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 GB photos below are from our Celebration Parade in October 2018. 

GB Nationally was 125 years old and 1st Yeovil was 110 years old. 

These photos are of everyone in the service, our 4 new leaders being commissioned and our girls wearing a range of old uniforms from the last century.

GB Congregation

GB Officer 2

GB through the year Uniforms 3

GB Through the years Uniforms 4

These photos are of Debbie Frost being presented with her 30 years’ service award by Julia Traill our Regional Team Leader; our current girls singing "Blinded by Your Grace" by Stormzy; all our current girls, staff and previous members who attended the celebration; our lovely group of senior ex-members.

GB Older Members 2

GB Passed Members

GB Flower Gift

GB Shot from above

These are family groups from the Celebration where there are 2, 3 or 4 generations who have all been part of 1st Yeovil over the years

GB Family Shot 2

GB Family Shot 3

GB Family Shot 4

GB Family Shot

These photos are skipping, pancake night & devotions and the collected items for the sewing kits, and evening making sewing books – with helpful assistants and the final sewing kits.  We have donated 61 sewing kits to ‘Hope for Kids’ who have taken them out to Kenya to give to girls who need them.

GB Sewing Kits

Heather Andrews - 50 Years Service

GB Heather

1st Yeovil Girls' Brigade

Our Girls' Brigade Company meets every Tuesday evening in term time.

6.00 - 7.30pm: Explorers for girls aged 4 - 8 years

6.45 - 8.30pm: Juniors for girls aged 9 - 11 year

6.45 - 8.30pm: Seniors for girls aged 12 - 14 years

6.45 - 8.30pm: Brigaders for girls aged 14 +

Girls’ Brigade is a Christian organisation for girls which aims to gentlyallow space for girls to get to know God.

In Yeovil, we have approximately 50 girls who follow through planned activities each week to earn badges & stickers.  An evening for younger girls may include games, lots of making, story time and singing whilst once older an evening might contain DVD clips, discussions, cookery, games, craft, learning practical skills, a snack devotional times

We regularly have themed evenings which may include everyone going swimming, or cooking or having a pampering session!  We enjoy parties together, day trips, occasional sleepovers, bbqs and an annual camp for the older girls.  

The older girls can also work towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Queens Award, whilst also gaining the benefits of four weekends of leadership training as they grow up through Brigade.

Clap hands then Bang the Drum

We have a monthly Sunday Parade service which we encourage girls to attend and we wear a crested hoody and navy skirt as our uniform.  All our staff have completed Officer Training and are CRB checked regularly.  We have First Aid and Camp training qualifications and are risk aware.

For further details please contact: 

Company Captain Mrs Kate Overd 07788 316997

GB Photo Gallery

Steel Band Evening October 2013

Video clips!!!  Yes, the images are sideways...but the sound isn't bad for 1/2 hour lesson!

Clip 1  Clip 2



District Fun Day - Weymouth September 2013



GB/BB Camp at Brixham July 2013




Display Night - June




Pets at Home Explorer Visit ~ April 2013





Our President Heather's British Empire Medal Presentations ~ given for 40 years service to G.B.


GB Regional Fun Day ~ Uffculme April 2013







Young Leaders Weekend ~ March 2013






Easter Evening & a visit from our Moderator Jez Brown - 26th March 2013







Junior Bring & Buy Sale 19th March

Fundraising for Help the Heros ~ the girls raised approx £45




Mothering Sunday Preparations - 5th March 2013

Mothers Day Gifts

Senior Cooking Night - Feb 2013

Senior Cooking Night

Senior Cooking night

Junior Cooking Night - Feb 2013

Junior Cooking Night

Explorer Science Night with Cressida Bullock - January 2013

Explorer Science night

Explorer science night

Explorer science night 

Explorer science night  Explorer science night

Explorer science night  Explorer science night

Juniors -  Raft Building - November 2012

Juniors raft building

Junior raft building  Junior raft building

Junior raft building  Junior raft building

Explorers decorating biscuits November 2012


Explorer visit to the Octogan Theatre Oct 2012

Fun Activities!


GB/BB Camp Aug 2012

Display & Presentation of Awards Evening June 2012




Duke Of Edinburgh's Award Expedition (Practice Walk!)

Church Parades