1st Yeovil Boys’ Brigade

BB in London 12th November 2017

The boys returned with enthusiasm at the start of the new session which on 8th October sees 1st Yeovil celebrate 125 years.                                             

1st Yeovil Boys’ Brigade was founded in 1892 under the command of Captain Chaffey and was reported in the Western Gazette of the same year as having over 30 members and was referred to as the Baptist (No1) Boys’ Brigade.

By 1905, when the Yeovil Boys’ Brigade were inspected by the organisation’s founder, Major William Smith, at Pen Mill Athletics Ground, the number of boys in the Yeovil Company was significant.

The Newnam Memorial Hall and Schools in South Street were both opened on 21 October 1912 and became home to the 1st Yeovil Company Boys’ Brigade which still meets weekly at the South Street Baptist Church.

The photograph below is circa 1908 showing the Yeovil Boys’ Brigade marching along Sherborne Road. Look closely and you’ll see that most of them are armed with rifles!!!

Thankfully something we no longer encourage…

We fast forward 75 years and below we have The Boys’ Brigade band marching through the Borough in 1983 (please excuse the Guides in this photo) who do you recognise?

Whilst 1st Yeovil, as a Company, celebrates 125 years; it’s also worth noting that the Junior section nationwide celebrates 100 years and again nationwide the Anchor section is 40 years old.

The Boys have enjoyed celebrating Evalina Catchpool’s 18th birthday which took place on 27th September, as this was a Wednesday and a Boys Brigade evening Evalina organised a whole Company ‘Hawaiian’ party night with games, cake and ‘mocktails’.

We are very proud to have been allocated three places at the 2017 Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph in London, a poignant time in our anniversary year.

Looking forward to the end of the year the boys will enjoy a fireworks evening, the younger boys will begin Christmas crafts, look at the Christmas Story and its meaning and plan their Christmas party.

Some of the older boys will attend ‘Kindle’ at Great Wood camp with Andy. Kindle is a Christian Fellowship weekend where the young people and officers can spend time in fellowship and worship whilst encountering the wonderful nature and landscapes of the Quantocks.

There is to be a revamp of the Boys Brigade page on the Church website, look out for more photos of the 125 anniversary parade service.

As we enter the last quarter of 2017 we should perhaps reflect on the importance of youth organisations such as the Boys Brigade, which are staffed by volunteers.  It’s very difficult in today’s society to prise young people away from the clutches of social media, games console etc. and create somewhere safe where each child unique in themselves can come together  in friendship and fellowship.

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We meet at:

Yeovil Baptist Church, South Street, Yeovil. Somerset. BA20 1QF

Our Boys’ Brigade Company holds its meetings every Wednesday evening in term time.

6.30pm: Anchor Section

7.00pm: Junior Section

7.15pm: Senior and Company Section

A Great day which you could be part of…

We are one of the biggest Christian Youth Organisations in the UK & Republic of Ireland. We are committed to seeing lives enriched by supporting children and young people to reach their full potential by providing opportunities to meet together and engage in a range of fun and developmental activities and experiences.

There’s something for every young person whether it’s camping or kayaking, first aid or five a side. Members develop skills, build confidence, make friends, take responsibility and are encouraged to make a real difference in their communities – sharing the values that make us who we are.

Runners Up at Competitions

Our Object

The Object of The Boys’ Brigade is:
“The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Our Motto

The Boys’ Brigade Motto is:
‘Sure & Steadfast’
The motto is taken from the bible, the book of Hebrews, Chapter 6, Verse 19.

Our Patron

Our Patron is:
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II