Events taken place or in the future.

BB/GB Camp has ended for another year; a thank you goes out to all involved in planning and making camp work. The efforts made in turning a field into a camp village is amazing. All the leaders who gave up annual leave from work to lead camp, thank you. We hope that you all have had a time of enjoyment and some rest especially when you get home.

Thank you for sharing some pics on FB.

End of Camp

Darren Hunt the Officer

Hunt the Officer Group

Thank you especially goes to Abby and Rach for the devotionals

Camp Devotionals

Church Meeting: Thursday 20 July - 0715 for Prayer NCL


Church Picnic:  Following Sundays (9th July) Junior Church Promotions, there will be a picnic following the service at Ninesprings (if wet it will be back at church).  Please bring a chair and your packed lunch.


Girls Brigade

GB at the Fire Station

Great trip to Yeovil Fire Station this week Thank you to the Leaders and Fire Brigade for showing us around. We will remember to pray for your safety and the work you do for us in Yeovil.


Community Fish & Chip Lunch

A lunch was enjoyed by nearly 50 people with entertainment by our Young People. The time together allowed us to chat and listen to some brilliant performances of song and dance.

Fish and Chips FC 2

Looking forward to cream tea in the summer

Maundy Thursday - Tenebrae Service

19 The disciples did as Jesus had told them and prepared the Passover meal.

20 When it was evening, Jesus and the twelve disciples sat down to eat. 

Eating together Tenebrae

Bread and Wine Plate

Before Tenebrae


SH2017 and Dave the Deacon has been auditioning for CATS. (he will not be happy this got out...Oh well!!)

Dave the Deacon Dave enjoying morning worship. Wait until he arrives on Sunday for door duty!!


Boys Brigade 18th March 2017

Juniors Fun day

Footie Team

Head it in

Before the Game

Cross Country

Hope you all had a great day


Girls Brigade - Bang on Evening - Tuesday 21st Feb 17

Bang on Visit

Captain thought the music funny

Clap hands then Bang the Drum



12th February 2017 March before Parade

Parade 12th Feb 

On a cold morning the Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade set off in Petters Way. A fantastic turn out this morning and the band played really well.

Marching off

Setting off down Petters Way towards town led by the Drums

The Drums Parade

Left foot forward

Through Town

This was a brilliant witness to all in Yeovil as the Band showed off all its talent and people in the Card Factory, Nero's Coffee and Beales came out to watch. So many stood still and listened to the music.


Boys Brigade Competitions  - 18th February 2017

Everyones a winner BBWell done Lads

Senior FootieWell Impressed Josh!!!

Putting him in a Sling 

Have the leaders injured the Lads? -

Warren on the web BB   Cheeky its Juniors First Aid training.

Thank you Sharon and Evalina.